About Us

Gresilva makes own-patented, quality-manufactured products which cater to a highly competitive market.


For over 30 years, the Gresilva® Grills company has been focusing on research and development of the grilling process, resulting in a line of grilling products that excel in performance, efficiency and food quality.

The Gresilva® line of products is used by thousands of loyal food preparation businesses ranging from specialty fast-food locations, restaurants, cooked food departments in supermarkets and catering companies.

The Gresilva® grills require no charcoal and consistently produce economical, hygienic, healthy grilled food without altering its nutritional value in any way.

As the representative of Gresilva® for North America, we offer full range of products, that include:

  • The Gresilva® Horizontal Gas grill with its unique grilling system.
  • The Gresilva® Mega Grill for catering services and high volume restaurants.
  • The Gresilva® Vertical Grill, uniquely designed for efficient grilling of BBQ’ed chicken.

Increased efficiency is an important advantage of the Gresilva® technology as it provides shortened cooking cycles – for example, our Vertical Grill can grill 15 whole chickens in just 20 minutes. This is an important advantage as it provides for fresher grilled-to-order food.

Gresilva® grills make it possible to grill efficiently, saving on energy costs and pollution, while maintaining the nutrient integrity of the meat.